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Bob loves to be ripped/stripped. Tear his clothes off anywhere.
My backless wrestling singlet. Might as well be naked
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My friend and butt buddy like to paint and draw
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My Links
This site originally went on line in May,2012. Had to be rebuilt beginning in July,2015
Entry Page: my cover page,as it says if your not 18 leave now
Welcome Page: i introduce myself to you
Current Pics Page: photos from 2012-present
from 2005
Nude Page: me naked to the world
Semi-nude Page: posing in erotic,sleazy stuff

Cut-off Shorts Page: me showing off in some hot shorts.
The Leather Page: shots of me in and out of leather of some kind.
Bob's Unvieling Page
Ripped Clothes Page: me in my torn stuff.
Friends Page: meet a few of my friends.
Kink Page: a few things that are not considered vanilla sexual activities.
Friends With Benefits Page: i'm having some fun with various friends of mine.
Fun In The Woods Page: george and i venture into the woods to see what kind of trouble we could get into!
Around The House Page: george took pics of me shaving and showering before i went to bed
Mikey's Page: i rip strip a friend out of his pants n play with his ass. he's very
submissive n will play for hours. he never says no!
Bob's Unveiling Page: bob poses in some erotic stuff and gets ripped/stripped as well.
The Art Gallery Page: my body painted.
The Art Gallery Page 2: more body painting.
The Art Gallery Page 3: and more painting.
The Art Gallery Page 4: yet more of the same.
The Art Gallery Page 5: will it ever end?
Halloween Page: my celebration of a haunting holiday.
Show-offs Page: a couple of guys showing off their best ASS-ets.
Thanksgiving Page: my way of wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving. may you have a stress free day!
Christmas Page: merry christmas to all! see how george decorated me for the holiday.
Hot Dude Page: Check out this HOT MAN i found as i stumbled around on the net.....
Net Collection Page: pics i've collected over the years from the net that i think are hot!
UPDATES PAGE: click here to see the latest things i've added.
Semi-nude Page
Ripped Clothes Page
Welcome Page
Stevon From The 80's Page: pics of me from a long time ago..i was in my early thirties. i liked the short shorts of then. showing butt cheek
The Kink Page
The Art Gallery Pages
Fun In The Woods Page
Halloween Page
Mikey's Page
Thanksgiving Page
The Nude Page
Friends Page
Hot Dude Page
Around The House Page
Showing my Pride
this site is arranged in pages and below are the direct links:in order
to sites that will hook you up with lots of porn
Current Pics Page
Christmas Page
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