almost ready for some action
likes to feel different items up his fuck hole.
do whatever you want to Mikey's ass
can't get enough of his hole
Mikey likes his hole used and abused
he loved me rubbing his crack with the leather
Mikey's hole is ON FIRE!!
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my favorite pic of mikey.....i love the way he looks here....jeans ripped off.....butt plugged....paddle to make his butt cheeks sting until a bright rosey red.....nice ass and balls....wanting and waiting....what more could a guy want from a friend!
caressing mikey's crack with the riding crop
hot cock!
firm ass cheeks, tight hole and big dick with nice balls.
mikey loves his ass spanked as often as possible and in any setting
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Mikey likes being poked
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I like the anticipation of pulling down his pants to reveal his naked ass
slide your fingers under his waistband
Let's rip his pants instead
nice mounds
He likes to be used. He's open to most anything.Will play for hours.Enjoys people seeing him naked.
lives In
I've lost contact with Mike. He's goes to Manuvers Bar in Joliet. If you know him have him contact me at